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Your safest holidays in Indochina with Hello Laos Travel – Find out the reasons

12 November 2015
Do you have to take care of all the details for your dream trip in Southeast Asia?
Choose to go with Hello Laos Travel and you won’t need to prepare anything except your international flights and luggage. All the other details will be well taken care of by us.
Are you afraid of the culture shock, of differences or of strangers, etc. when you travel in a new country?
You don’t need to worry! Hello Laos Travel will be your local friend, which will bring you special and unique experiences. We will organize the trip of your lifetime.
How will Hello Laos Travel organize the safest holiday in Indochina?
  • We will wait for you at the airport and take care of all the details as soon as you land in Laos. Our tour guide will greet and welcome you with a big smile. He will get to know you, so he can help you to get acquainted with this new country and the different culture.
  • Our private vehicles will always be ready to serve you. Our drivers are very friendly and skillful, and you will be transferred by private vehicles from your arrival day all the way until departure day at the airport. Every detail will be taken care of before your coming.
  • Your travel expert will join you at your hotel on the arrival day (if the arrival time of the flight is not too late during the day. If you will arrive late, your travel expert will meet you on the next day). You also have our hotline and ask for help at anytime.
  • All the activities are private hence it is flexible to change your departure time or ending time. If you want to sleep more or if you want to have a late breakfast, we can absolutely start your day tour at 9.00am instead of 8.00am for example. Just let us know your ideas or desires, and we will change the timetable accordingly and make sure that you will be as comfortable as possible during your holiday. All changes can be made within one day, or even a few hours in advance. With us, it’s never too late.
  • While traveling to Laos, sometimes unexpected problem occurs, for example, heavy rain, bad weather  or your domestic flights might be delayed for few hours, etc. As a local operator, we have dealt with these issues for many years so we have already developed many suitable alternatives. Hence, depending on each situation, we will make sure to make the most suitable changes so you can have the most memorable time.
  • We will always be there, besides you at all times, ready to help. You will be able to contact us in many ways (chat, email, and phone), and we will listen and answer immediately. You just need to enjoy your travels and we will take care of everything.
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