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Xieng Khouang – A Horizontal City

03 March 2017

Xieng Khouang is located across a flat high plateau in northern Laos. It is home to steep mountains, green hills, rugged karsts and many other beautiful sights. The interesting information about Xieng Khouang will be introduced in this following writing.

Things to See and Do in Xieng Khouang
One of the highlights of Xieng Khouang is Plain of Jars, home to hundreds of stone jars in different sizes. The origin and purposes of these thousand-year-old urns have not been found yet. Some locals believe that ancient vessels here aim to contain rice, water for the dry seasons and Lao whiskey for the giant in surrounding area. On the contrary, some other people said that they were used for burial because of human bones, skeletons inside and traditional Southeast Asian funeral ways for royal members. 

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Another suggestion for visitors is Mulberries Organic Silk Farm created in 1993. The farm’s main purposes are to maintain the Lao traditional silk fibre production and increase income for local families. To protect environment and natural resources, this non-profit organization grows their own chemical-free mulberry trees. Tourists can watch and try to make silk products here. Scarves with a selection of colours and patterns are considered the most notable product in mulberries gift shops.  

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Besides, the town of Muang Khoun or Old Xieng Khouang is also a spot for travelers. In the town, several old buildings still remain like French school, governor’s residence, Wat Phia Wat, That Foun and That Chom Phet. Inside Wat Phia Wat, there is a sitting Buddha in the brick columns reaching skywards. The impressive stupa of That Foun includes ashes of Buddha brought from Indian. In addition, at Ban Phai Village nearby, there are granite jars instead of stone one as in Plain of Jars. The lush green fields and creeks can be viewed from the suspension bridge at this peace village. You will easily see villagers doing basketry and weaving.

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Tham Pa includes a large number of caves with a lot of small Buddha statues. These images are estimated about a few centuries years old. To discover the awesome caves, travelers have to go deep into the hill side. Several caverns are linked by a passageway with weakly electrical light made by the locals. The lake neighbouring of Nong Tang is a large natural lake flanked by high limestone cliffs. Visitors can catch a fish with the locals or have a picnic at this stunning lake. 

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Ban Mixay Village is famous for mulberry paper umbrellas “Khan Nyu”, ancient traditional products of Laos. These special umbrellas in lots of colours and sizes are processed naturally. Mulberry trees are grown by villagers for making the paper. The fruit of the wild persimmon tree is used to produce the glue. The dyes are made from the natural elements such as sesame oil for white colour, roots of “mak bao” trees for red one.  

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Hotels and Restaurants in Xieng Khouang
Maly Hotel is a few minute drive from Plain of Jars, Xiengkhouang Library and Wattay International Airport. Parking and wifi are free for guests. Maly Restaurant serves a selection of Lao, Thai and European dishes. You can have information about trips and local attractions at the tour desk. Each room of the property features cable TV, air conditioner, fridge, fan, bathroom and balcony. 

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Xieng Khouang Hotel is near Plain of Jars, Mulberry Silk Farm and The Old Town. Free parking and wifi are available throughout the hotel. The restaurant of this property provides not only Lao traditional dishes but also Vietnamese and European ones. Moreover, guests can relax with body treatment services of the hotel. Every room comes with cable TV, fan or air conditioner, seating area.

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Vansana Plain Of Jars Hotel is close to Plain od Jars and Xiengkhouang Airport. Make use of free wifi and parking at the hotel. Vansana Restaurant serves both Lao and Thai cuisines. Other conveniences of the property are garden, tour desk, 24-hour front desk. Bight and comfortable rooms are equipped with cable TV, fridge, fan, private balcony.

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Sanga Restaurant mainly serves Lao, Thai and Chinese cuisines. Furthermore, some western dishes like sandwiches are also available. It is said that juicy steak and “tofu” of this restaurant is really delicious.
Khem Na Restaurant features a variety of traditional Lao dishes made by an excellent chef. The freshwater fish dishes are the most popular ones of the restaurant. 

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