Plain of Jars – A Dozen of Puzzles

31 December 1969

Plain of Jars is a large area around Phonsavan, the main town of Xieng Khouang Province in Northeast Laos. It is known as the most distinctive attraction of the country because of a large number of questions with no definite answers. The following writing will introduce you to an enigmatic place, Plain of Jars.

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The Plain of Jars

31 December 1969
Situated in Phonsavan in the remote north east of Laos, the mountainous communist country which has only been open to tourists for just over a decade, are hundreds of huge stone jars scattered across hundreds of square miles. The Plain of Jars remains the most mysterious and misunderstood of Asia’s ancient sights. Visiting the Plain of Jars brings you the same feeling of proximity and curiosity like discovering another Easter Island or Stonehenge. Read more +

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