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For adventure lovers, here we are happy to show you the best Laos tour packages designed in adventure style. Laos adventure tours, without doubt, are perfect options to get authentic experience via the memorable journeys filled up with interesting activities and off-the-beaten-track travel routes. Pack your bag, go with us and conquer the challenges waiting for you in this country!

Central Laos Motorcycle Tour - 7 Days / 6 Nights

Luang Prabang, Pak Lay, Sayaboury, Sanakham, Muang Met, Vang Vieng
Our Central Laos motorcycle tour will take you to the most highlight of the region. You will have a real adventure when riding your motor on the dirt road of the central Laos.
7 days
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North Laos Motorbike Tour – 7 Days 6 Nights

Luang Prabang, Vieng Thong, Sam Nuea, Vieng Xay, Phonsavan, Vang Vieng
This North Laos motorbike tour will be an forgettable adventure which offers chance to discover the Northern of the country on a motorcycle. The tour include the trips to famous destinations in the region, consisting of Luang Prabang Heritage town, Vang Vieng party paradise, and historical Phonsavan.
7 days
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Magnificent River and Mountain of Laos - 14 Days 13 Nights

Pakse, Champasak, Vientiane, Muang La, Nong Khiaw, Luang Prabang
In this tour, you have chance to discover the most distinctive characteristics of Laos. From North to South, you will experience the finest adventure of Laos and immerse yourself into wildlife. Your journey will combine trekking, river cruises and visits to some most famous temples in Laos- which remain Lao culture and nature. In your tour, we will try our best to meet your need, create as much as fun and pleasure as possible for you.
14 days
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Adventure From North to South of Laos - 11 Day 10 Nights

HuayXai, LuangNamtha, Nong Khiaw, Luang Prabang, Pakse, 4000 Islands
In this tour, you will be satisfied with your adventurous needs through 13 day- journey to explore Laos. Your journey will begin with your trek to hill-tribe villages, then transfer by water and back-roads, discover Luang Prabang and Wat Phou and stay at eco-resorts.
11 days
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Northern Laos Little Adventure - 8 Days 7 Nights

Luang Prabang, Muang Ngoi, Nong Khiaw
Discover all the most famous sites and experience soft adventure of Northern Laos. Start at Luang Prabang by bike, visiting its numerous temples before flying with zipline and kayaking on the Nam Khan River. Continue traveling deeper in the Northern Laos through Muang La, Muang Ngoi and Nong Khiaw to learn more about its diversified hill tribes, its hospitable people as well as its picturesque landscape.
8 days
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Centre And Southern Laos - 6 Days 5 Nights

Vientiane, Pakse, Bolaven, Si Phan Done
From the capital city of Laos, take a short flight down south to explore hill tribes and natural landscape of this area.
6 days
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Laos – Off The Beaten Track

Vientiane, Hinboun, Muang Khoun, Phonsavan, Sam Nuea, Nam Et – Phou Louey National Park, Nong Khiaw, Luang Prabang
Laos – Off the beaten track will bring you new experience of Luang Prabang as well as surrounding area. You will not only take advantage of new roads linking Khammouane to Laos' Central Highlands but also explore magnificent Buddhist caves, visiting hill- tribe villages and discover the mysterious stone jars in the Phonsavan region. Heading east, you will visit Vieng Xai war caves and Nam Et National Park. Then, you will return to the capital Luang Prabang with a leisurely cruise on Nam Ou River cruise. In your tour, we will try our best to meet your need, create as much as fun and pleasure as possible for you.
15 days
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Back-roads For Adventurers - 12 Days 11 Nights

Luang Prabang, Muang La, Boun Thai, Phongsali, Muang Khua, Nong Khiaw
In this tour, you will take adventure to discover the ancient city-the heart of Laos- LuangPrabang, travel east to enjoy treks and activities in the local region, discover nature in Muang La Resort. Continue your great trip to Phongsali to enjoy treks through remote villages, discover cultures of minority ethnic group and visit one of South-East Asia's finest panoramas. In your tour, we will try our best to meet your need, create as much as fun and pleasure as possible for you.
12 days
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Unveil Laos’ Mystery

Vientiane, Hinboun, Savanakhet, Pakse
Discover the most authentic sites of Laos. Start from Vientiane, go down South to Hinboun, Savanakhet and finish in Pakse. This trip brings you a very fresh and a true taste of the unspoiled Laos.
6 days
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Southern Laos Tree Top Adventure

Pakse, Dong Hua Sao National Protected Area
Behold and explore further into nature by experiencing one of the most unique activities: spend the night on the tree and take flight through the jungle.
3 days
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13 Days Discovering Laos Completely 13 days

13 Days Discovering Laos Completely

Houey Xai, Pakbeng, Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, Vientiane, Thakhek - Savannakhet, Pakse, 4000 Islands
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Panorama of Million-Elephant Country - 16 Days 16 days
Sale - 7%

Panorama of Million-Elephant Country - 16 Days

Huay Xai, Pak Beng, Luang Prabang, Phonsavan, Vientiane, Khammouane, Thakek, Bolaven, Si Phan Don, Pakse
Price:   $1,410   $1,309 View Trip
Laos & Mysterious Heritage Trails - 11 Days 11 days

Laos & Mysterious Heritage Trails - 11 Days

Luang Prabang, Xieng Khuang, Vientiane, 4,000 Islands
Price:     $911 View Trip

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