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4000 Islands - Where the Bob of Time Swings Lazily

09 March 2017
4000 Islands known as Si Phan Don is a group of small islands across the Mekong River. It is famous for a large number of awesome islands, natural beautiful settings and the tranquility. These following information will help your journey to 4000 Islands more interesting and memorable.  Read more +

Vang Vieng – A Tourist Paradise of Laos

07 March 2017

Vang Vieng is a peaceful small town in northern Laos. It is more and more popular with visitors thanks to its picturesque natural sceneries, exciting activities and laid-back lifestyle. This following writing will introduce you to a dreamlike landscape of Vang Vieng.

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Xieng Khouang – A Horizontal City

03 March 2017

Xieng Khouang is located across a flat high plateau in northern Laos. It is home to steep mountains, green hills, rugged karsts and many other beautiful sights. The interesting information about Xieng Khouang will be introduced in this following writing.

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Pakse – A Busy Hub of Southern Laos

01 March 2017

Pakse is the provincial capital of Champasak province of Lao south. There are more and more tourists going this destination because of its relaxing atmosphere on Mekong River, Se Don and friendly locals. This following writing will provide visitors with useful information about the city of Pakse. 

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Huay Xai – The Most Interesting Border of Laos

23 February 2017

Huay Xai on the Mekong River is the capital of Bokeo province and the entry point to Laos from northern Thailand. The countryside is a quite site and the perfect destination to relax and discover the delightful country of Laos. This following writing will help you know more about the peace town of Huay Xai in Laos.

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Vientiane – The Heart of Lao Culture

17 February 2017

The capital of Vientiane is the largest city of Laos and representative of national culture. Going to the city is the best way to have more knowledge of Laos including beliefs, architectures and lifestyle. This following writing will share Vientiane’s notable information with you.

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