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6 Best Places for Shopping in Vientiane, Laos

20 February 2017

When having a journey, visitors take care of not only exciting activites, awesome spots but also attractive places for shopping. The capital of Vientiane is a tourist paradise and also has many interesting shopping sites. these following are 6 fascinating markets and stores for shopping in Vientiane. 

1. Vientiane Night Market 
The market is along one side of the Mekong River and popular for tourists in the city of Vientiane. The vendors usually set up their stalls around the sunset. It is known that a large number of products in this market come from many different regions. The most outstanding ones are paintings inspired from Buddhism, Beer Lao T-shirts, knick-knacks and fishermen pants. It is said that this Riverside Night Market is the most pleasing site for shopping in Vientiane and buying some nice souvenirs. 

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2. Talat Sao Morning Market
There are two areas in this market : The air-conditioned shopping mall selling electronics, sports equipment and jewellery, and the cavernous original Morning Market selling mass-produced silks, T-shirts, trinkets, souvenirs. The clothes shops are divided into items for school, work and leisure. Besides, the shopping mall consists of a Big C supermarket, a three-screen cinema, a play area for children and a food yard. It is really convenient for travelers when the ground floor of Talat Sao has some banks and provides currency exchange.

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3. Carol Cassidy Lao Textiles 
Carol Cassidy Lao Textiles is a workshop as well as gallery in the centre of the capital. The shop is famous for Lao traditional weaving textiles, especially complicated patterns. The local artisans of this store use ancient techniques to make beautiful clothes and cloths. 

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4. Oot Ni Gallery
This store is close to the National Cultural Hall on Samsenthai Street. Oot Ni Gallery is known as one of the largest and best stores of antiques in the city. Inside the gallery, there are a variety of antiques from Southeast Asia, silver ornaments, handicrafts, artwork, complex paintings including watercolours and oils, ancient Buddhist artefacts and sculptures. Moreover, you can also find several rarer things such as bone china tea sets and teak carvings in various sizes and weights.

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5. Ministry of Silk Fashion Shop
The boutique shop is situated on Nam Phu Square. The products of this shop are a combination between international items and local silk, lace. All products at Ministry of Silk feature patterns, materials of Southeast Asian and the elegance of Western style. In addition, guests can order to make an exact item if you do not find suitable one which is available in the shop. 

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6. T’Shop Lai Gallery
When going into the shop, you will find intricate handmade trinket displayed on tables, chairs or in fashionable cabinets. Furthermore, you will smell the delightful aromas from the natural body oils, perfumes, organic soaps, sprays, lip balms. These wonderful products made from local ingredients such as coconut, aloe vera, honey, frangipane and magnolia. Upstairs, there is a traditional art gallery showing colourful local artworks.

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