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10 Best Places for Shopping in Luang Prabang, Laos

18 February 2017

The city of Luang Prabang is famous for not only picturesque attractions but also interesting markets and shops. Visitors are usually attracted by beautiful handmade products of local people. These following are 10 greatest sites for shopping in Luang Prabang.

1. Luang Prabang Night Market 
Before the sunset, vendors will prepare their stalls. Therefore, the Night Market usually starts at 17:00 and finishes at 23:00. It is on the Sisavangvong Road and spreads from Wat Mai to the centre of the city. The most popular products are ethnic handicrafts, bags, purses, cotton pants, shirts, bed covers, woven scarves, bamboo lamps. You can also find typical items such as handmade souvenirs, Lao coffee beans, homemade whiskeys in the shops at two sides of the road. Many kinds of local dishes like BBQ river fish, Lao noodle soup are served at this market. Moreover, it is said that prices here are remarkably fair.

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2.  Ock Pop Tok 
Ock Pop Tok is a store selling hand-woven home textiles, cotton scarves, fine silk and cushion covers. These goods are collected from a lot of different ethnic groups. The store also runs several textile workshops where visitors can go to and watch how products are made. Besides, courses in silk weaving, natural dyes, batik drawing and bamboo weaving for visitors are always available. Travelers will have a chance to working with Lao artisans and find out secrets of Lao textiles. 

Places for Shopping in Luang Prabang 2

3. Ban Lao 
Ban Lao is shop situated in Ban Vat Nong, along the Mekong River. Handicrafts, textiles and fashion accessories are major products at the shop. It it known that all products here are handmade and from natural materials or natural dye. Additionally, this shop has a small exhibition for ikat textiles and other crafts of local and international artists.

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4. Caruso Lao 
Caruso Lao on Sakkarine Road is a store selling handcrafted home and fashion accessories. Almost steps to accomplish a product are practiced by hand. Wood and silk are ingredients for products of this store, for example, wooden bowls, Buddha heads, cushions, natural silk scarfs, bed covers, etc.

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5. Kopnoi 
Kopnoi is on the back side of Mount Phousi. Its handmade fabrics are made from natural materials. The company is famous for the eco-dyed cotton clothes. Furthermore, it also sell nice jewelry, silk, accessories, Akha bracelets, packaged spices, teas, and local paintings.

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6. CAMA Crafts
CAMA Crafts is a non-profit organization that maintains Lao traditional handicrafts and helps village women make money. To make the products, villagers use ancient patterns and techniques to keep the traditional needlework skills of Lao as well as Hmong women.

Places for Shopping in Luang Prabang 6

7. Hmong Market
This outdoor bazar located on Sisavangvong Road consists of a vast selection of ethnic embroidered crafts. At the stalls, weaved bags, hill-tribe pants, hats, bed covers, purses and other accessories are displayed very much. 

Places for Shopping in Luang Prabang 7

8. Ma Te Sai 
This shop located on Sisavangvong Road contains ethnic handicrafts. What makes it special is creative souvenirs made from bamboo, fabric, recycled paper and other natural materials. A wealth of herbal tea, coffee, local whiskey and rice can be also found here.  

Places for Shopping in Luang Prabang 8

9. Naga Creations
This shop shows handmade jewelry from silver and gem stones. Going to this shop, it is easy for you to find suitable items such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants and hair clips. All products are designed by a combination between traditional and modern styles. 

Places for Shopping in Luang Prabang 9

10. Queen Design Lao
This boutique shop has a variety of hand-woven linen, silk and cotton dresses, skirts. Beside pashminas and scarves, organic face scrubs and wood glasses are sold here.

Places for Shopping in Luang Prabang 10

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